Monday, March 7, 2016

Set Up

This game was a two-versus-one battle. Marauders of Chaos with Marks of Nurgle and Khorne known as Blood & Rot (LS) fought against Beastmen Raiders known as the Khornflakes (NG) and the Sorcerous Society known as the Arcane Bastards (JC).  The allied warbands moved simultaneously with their fellow warband to save time. The scenario was 'Hidden Treasure' from the Mordheim Rulebook.

(Thank you to LS for  this battle report.)

Blood & Rot Turn 1

The Sons of Khorne and Nurgle moved forward the Freak taking the left flank searching that building finding nothing, to the right flank the Dave the Meatcake and his dogs searched a ruined building finding nothing.

Strungar the Scaled searched the house in front of him finding only frilly underwear to which he pocketed it. Meanwhile Conan, Erik and the sons of rage moved forward to secure the courtyard of the castle.

Breakfast and Magic Turn 1

The Arcane Bastards sent their bird fearless toward the dogs and their ogre pal. Meanwhile the rest took up position in a secure location behind a tavern.

The Khorneflakes moved forward securing several buildings searching in a fervour, the Braynor Ironguts searched the tavern finding only ale and stale bread.

Meanwhile several Gors searched a nearby ruin finding nothing but rubble and skeletons.

Grox sprouted black wings and flew through the sky into a nearby building to which he searched only finding dust, leaving the knowledge that the tower near the courtyard has to contain the treasure!

The Raven belched forth a fireball at the only create it could see a hellhound of chaos but the hellhound merrily played with the fire.

Blood & Rot Turn 2

Dave the Meatcake, charged fearlessly up a ramp into the tower snatching the treasure in his meaty hands, meanwhile Erik ran toward the tower to assist him.

The freak lumbered forward plugging up a hole into the courtyard waiting for some Khorneflakes to charge him, little did he know, he would wait a life time.

The brothers of chaos all took pot shots at the pesky raven to no avail, all of whom missed hopelessly. Meanwhile the hounds of chaos moved forward to harass the pesky wizards.

Breakfast and Magic Turn 2

The Khorneflakes learning a valuable lesson the last time they attacked the Blood & Rot Tribe retreated a safe distance looking hungrily at the wizards.

The Arcane Bastards fearlessly charged forward hoping that the Khorneflakes were made of strong metal, alas they fought alone.

The Raven flew through the sky landing on the tower ready to cough flames at the evil worshippers of Chaos, however its master could not summon the power needed to blast the pesky Nurge Lover.

The warlock summon forth some arrows, however the annoying champion and untrained charge the only target he could see.

The Companion and the untrained attacked the dog fearlessly alas they were only able to knock it down.

Blood & Rot Turn 3

The worshippers of Nurgle and Khorne hasted their retreat with the majority of their force staying behind to hold back any who were foolish enough to attack.

They shot at that filthy raven and Bjorn successfully pinned the bird by its wing to the tower. The hell hound recovered and waiting as the wizards companions swung at him, with little success.

He retaliated and tore through the untrained leaving him badly wounded.

Breakfast and Magic Turn 3

The Khorneflakes started to smell some daisys as they laughed the wizards trying to fight.

The Arcane Bastards with little more to do began flinging spells trying to weaken the dogs alas they failed to summon the power needed, the lone companion fought on calling for backup but no such brave soul came.

He was viciously attacked by the dog but his armour kept him safe.

Blood & Rot Turn 4

Hearing the howls of his companion, Larry ran around the corner charging headlong into the armoured Champion, meanwhile the retreat continued.

The hounds vicious bit into the champion to no avail, the champion retaliated but his axe never took hold.

Breakfast and Magic Turn 4

The Khorneflakes pondered the meaning to the question as they stood around scratching themselves. While the Arcane Bastards desperately tried to hold on. A champion wielding a crossbow charged in taking one of the hounds out of action.

But watched as his brother in arms was mauled and torn to pieces while on the ground.

Blood & Rot Turn 5

The hound heard the call of the his masters and retreated dragging his fallen comrade in tow.

Breakfast and Magic Turn 5

The Arcane Bastards ragged and bleeding, after losing 2 men hastily pulled back wishing not to take on the sons of Blood & Rot any further.

Blood & Rot Turn 6

The sons of Blood & Rot run from the battlefield a chest treasure on hand and their mugs filled with Ale.

Blood & Rot Victory!


(203) Blood & Rot rolled: 5, 5, 5, 5, 3, 3
They found total (treasure chest + explore), Light armour, 2 swords, 60gc, 2 gems (10gc), 8 Wyrd Stone Shards. They also found and bought, Gromril Armour, Lamellar Armour, they also found another veteran.

(103) Arcane Bastards rolled: 5, 5, 6, 4, 3
Finding 5gc, and 4 shards total.

(165) Khorneflakes rolled: 4, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1
Found a well and retrieve a wyrdstone, they also murdered a straggler, they also found 3 wyrdstone shards.

268 v 203 xp (Underdog bonus to Blood & Rot)

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