Monday, March 7, 2016

Set Up

This game was a two-versus-one battle. Marauders of Chaos with Marks of Nurgle and Khorne known as Blood & Rot (LS) fought against Beastmen Raiders known as the Khornflakes (NG) and the Sorcerous Society known as the Arcane Bastards (JC).  The allied warbands moved simultaneously with their fellow warband to save time. The scenario was 'Hidden Treasure' from the Mordheim Rulebook.

(Thank you to LS for  this battle report.)

Blood & Rot Turn 1

The Sons of Khorne and Nurgle moved forward the Freak taking the left flank searching that building finding nothing, to the right flank the Dave the Meatcake and his dogs searched a ruined building finding nothing.

Strungar the Scaled searched the house in front of him finding only frilly underwear to which he pocketed it. Meanwhile Conan, Erik and the sons of rage moved forward to secure the courtyard of the castle.

Breakfast and Magic Turn 1

The Arcane Bastards sent their bird fearless toward the dogs and their ogre pal. Meanwhile the rest took up position in a secure location behind a tavern.

The Khorneflakes moved forward securing several buildings searching in a fervour, the Braynor Ironguts searched the tavern finding only ale and stale bread.

Meanwhile several Gors searched a nearby ruin finding nothing but rubble and skeletons.

Grox sprouted black wings and flew through the sky into a nearby building to which he searched only finding dust, leaving the knowledge that the tower near the courtyard has to contain the treasure!

The Raven belched forth a fireball at the only create it could see a hellhound of chaos but the hellhound merrily played with the fire.

Blood & Rot Turn 2

Dave the Meatcake, charged fearlessly up a ramp into the tower snatching the treasure in his meaty hands, meanwhile Erik ran toward the tower to assist him.

The freak lumbered forward plugging up a hole into the courtyard waiting for some Khorneflakes to charge him, little did he know, he would wait a life time.

The brothers of chaos all took pot shots at the pesky raven to no avail, all of whom missed hopelessly. Meanwhile the hounds of chaos moved forward to harass the pesky wizards.

Breakfast and Magic Turn 2

The Khorneflakes learning a valuable lesson the last time they attacked the Blood & Rot Tribe retreated a safe distance looking hungrily at the wizards.

The Arcane Bastards fearlessly charged forward hoping that the Khorneflakes were made of strong metal, alas they fought alone.

The Raven flew through the sky landing on the tower ready to cough flames at the evil worshippers of Chaos, however its master could not summon the power needed to blast the pesky Nurge Lover.

The warlock summon forth some arrows, however the annoying champion and untrained charge the only target he could see.

The Companion and the untrained attacked the dog fearlessly alas they were only able to knock it down.

Blood & Rot Turn 3

The worshippers of Nurgle and Khorne hasted their retreat with the majority of their force staying behind to hold back any who were foolish enough to attack.

They shot at that filthy raven and Bjorn successfully pinned the bird by its wing to the tower. The hell hound recovered and waiting as the wizards companions swung at him, with little success.

He retaliated and tore through the untrained leaving him badly wounded.

Breakfast and Magic Turn 3

The Khorneflakes started to smell some daisys as they laughed the wizards trying to fight.

The Arcane Bastards with little more to do began flinging spells trying to weaken the dogs alas they failed to summon the power needed, the lone companion fought on calling for backup but no such brave soul came.

He was viciously attacked by the dog but his armour kept him safe.

Blood & Rot Turn 4

Hearing the howls of his companion, Larry ran around the corner charging headlong into the armoured Champion, meanwhile the retreat continued.

The hounds vicious bit into the champion to no avail, the champion retaliated but his axe never took hold.

Breakfast and Magic Turn 4

The Khorneflakes pondered the meaning to the question as they stood around scratching themselves. While the Arcane Bastards desperately tried to hold on. A champion wielding a crossbow charged in taking one of the hounds out of action.

But watched as his brother in arms was mauled and torn to pieces while on the ground.

Blood & Rot Turn 5

The hound heard the call of the his masters and retreated dragging his fallen comrade in tow.

Breakfast and Magic Turn 5

The Arcane Bastards ragged and bleeding, after losing 2 men hastily pulled back wishing not to take on the sons of Blood & Rot any further.

Blood & Rot Turn 6

The sons of Blood & Rot run from the battlefield a chest treasure on hand and their mugs filled with Ale.

Blood & Rot Victory!


(203) Blood & Rot rolled: 5, 5, 5, 5, 3, 3
They found total (treasure chest + explore), Light armour, 2 swords, 60gc, 2 gems (10gc), 8 Wyrd Stone Shards. They also found and bought, Gromril Armour, Lamellar Armour, they also found another veteran.

(103) Arcane Bastards rolled: 5, 5, 6, 4, 3
Finding 5gc, and 4 shards total.

(165) Khorneflakes rolled: 4, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1
Found a well and retrieve a wyrdstone, they also murdered a straggler, they also found 3 wyrdstone shards.

268 v 203 xp (Underdog bonus to Blood & Rot)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fighting for Nothing

There are many stories of valour in Mordheim. This is not one of those stories...

Kalroth heard a dry, rasping voice speaking a foul language in the distance. Suddenly the air started to feel heavy with a familiar sensation. Black magic was being cast. He looked over to his lord, Ak X, and knew that the noble sensed it also. Ak X scowled but nodded his head and Kalroth slowly lowered his crossbow which had been aimed at the head of the human. There were worse things in the ruined city than humans.

"Undead are about. Truce?" Ak X asked and spat on the cobblestones.

The mercenary captain - a large, hairy Middenheimer - nodded and lowered his Hammer. He spoke a quick word to his men and the humans and dwarfs lowered their weapons. Looking around, the dwarf engineer pointed to a couple of ruined buildings that overlooked the area from which the foul words had drifted. His thunderers slung their crossbows over their shoulders and started moving. A couple of human marksmen followed with their bows.

Set Up
This game was a two-versus-two battle. The Dwarf Treasure Hunters (AR) were allied to the Middenheimer Mercenaries (AS). They chose to set up all together. The Restless Dead (AA) were allied to the Averlander Mercenaries (NP). They chose to set up in separate groups. The allied warbands in each of the teams moved simultaneously with their fellow warband to save time. The scenario was Skirmish from the Mordheim Rulebook and was played on a 5' x 4' table. A team would lose as soon as one of the two warband routed.

Round 1
Both warbands start advancing towards each other.

Round 2
Kalroth, the Dwarf Engineer, is situated in the second story of the large grey building. He misses a long range shot at the Averlander Captain. Tarstan (a Thunderer) in the damaged grey building misses Lucid, the Necromancer for the Restless Dead.

The Undead and Averlanders seek cover which slows their advance. This set back for the Undead is especially unfortunate for the Averlanders.

Round 3
The Dwarfs and Middenheimers decide to take advantage of the slow pace of the Undead and start moving towards the Averlanders. A Middenheimer Marksman slips while climbing down from the damaged grey building but lands on his feet.

Both of the Bergjaegers for the Averlanders slip around a wall to fire their long bows at the advancing Dwarfs and Middenheimers but both shots miss.

Round 4
A Middenheimer Marksman with a bad hangover arrives (this was the second battle for AS and he didn't realise that one henchman group had two Marksmen so we let the Marksman enter from the Middenheimer's table edge). An eager Middenheimer Youngblood climbs up on the castle wall segment separating the two sides. Tarstan feels dismay as he misses the Grave Guard named Dismay. Reliacer (another Thunderer) hits one of the Bergjaegers by her shot fails to wound. Kalroth moves to another window but his shot misses.

Nightmare (the Liche) casts Lifestealer on the foolish Middenheimer Youngblood and stuns him. Thankfully young fellow falls back against the crenelations of the old castle wall and doesn't fall to his death. Both Bergjaegers and a Halfling Scout miss their shots. The other Halfling Scout fails to climb up on to the little grey building.

Round 5
As the Dwarfs and Middenheimers continue to advance, Kalroth misses one of the Bergjaegers again and Reliacer misses the Grave Guard named Horror.

The Averlanders continue to shoot as they fall back. One of the Bergjaegers takes a Middenheimer Swordsman out of action (the first casualty for the evening). The other Bergjaeger climbs up the little grey building and shoots but misses. One of the Halfling Scouts  hits Darbrum (a Beardling) but fails to wound. The other Halfling Scout fails to climb again (it is obvious why he is a scout and not a thief).

Round 6
The Dwarfs continue their volleys of crossbow bolts but every shot misses once again. After a few shots whiz by, the Bergjaeger on the little grey building decides he is too much of a target and attempts to climb down. He falls and lands on hand which breaks his wrist (Hand Injury) the battle is over for him. The Averlanders continue to fall back and they shoot as they retreat but their shots continue to miss.

Round 7
Kalroth stuns Lucid with a well-placed crossbow bolt. Likewise, Tarstan shoots his crossbow and stuns the Averlander Sergeant. Nightmare's armour saves him from an arrow wound from the other (less foolish) Middenheimer Youngblood. A Middenheimer Marksman shoots a zombie through the head and returns it permanently back to the grave.

In retaliation, a Halfling Scout shoots Darbrum and takes him out of action although his wounds were not serious.

Unfortunately, it was pack up time and the battle in a draw just as blood started flowing.

During exploration the Middenheimer Mercenaries found 3 gold crowns in Ruined Hovels (6 6) and four shards of wyrdstone. The Restless Dead bump into the Ogre Bodyguard named Nightmare Catcher and he agrees to Return a Favour (6 6 6) from years and joins the warband for their next battle. This is fortunate since they only found three shards of wyrdstone and won't have a Grave Guard participate in the next battle due to a poisoned Well (1 1). The Averlander Mercenaries also meet a Hired Sword who chooses to Return a Favour (6 6 6) although this character remains a secret. The humans find four shards of wyrdstone. The Dwarf Treasure Hunters find four shards of wyrdstone but nothing else of note.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Wyvern Hunting

The news of the lost band of elves in Mordheim caused concern in the ranks of the Shadow Warrior. Another band of Shadow Warriors scouting on the edges of Sylvania were commanded to enter Mordheim to investigate and to report back on the growing influence of chaos. The victory of chaos also rippled through the followers of chaos. The rotten god, Nurgle, was pleased with the success and blessed the marauder chieftain with his rancid mark. He has seen Mordheim as an opportunity to strengthen his grip on the world and so has sent his carnival of chaos into the city. The days are growing darker indeed.

The promise of riches and power is tempting but still out of reach for those warbands in Mordheim. Therefore news of a monster (and its treasure) was too much to resist. The Marauders of Chaos (LS) and the Carnival of Chaos (JF) joined forces to hunt for this beast for Nurgle's glory. The blood god, Khorne, was not about to let Nurgle get an easy victory and sent his Beastmen Raiders (NG's Khorneflakes *face palm*) to claim the victory for himself. They came across the ragged band of Reiklanders (BN) and 'convinced' the humans to help them. The threat of Nurgle temporarily outweighed the desire for further bloodshed but in the end it is an alliance in name only. Meanwhile the Shadow Elves (MD) saw an opportunity to extract revenge on the forces of chaos who slaughtered their brethren. They swallowed their pride and approached the Dwarf Treasure Hunters (AR) for an alliance. The lure of treasure was enough for the dwarfs to agree to the deal.

Set Up
This game was a two-versus-two-versus-two battle. The warbands in each of the three allied teams moved simultaneously with their fellow warband to save time. The scenario was Monster Hunt from the 'Chaos on the Streets' article found in the Mordheim Annual 2002 and was played on a  6' x 4' table. The type of monster was unknown until the first encounter.

Round 1
The Carnival convinced the Marauders to take out the humans first before focusing on the monster. (JF didn't realise that the victory condition was simply to kill the monster and have no enemies within 6" of the lair. He thought that the other warbands had to be routed.) The followers of Nurgle advanced towards the humans.

The four Reiklander Marksmen formed a defensive line on the nearby hill. Meanwhile the Captain, Kristof, with a Champion, Bo, advanced forward towards the lair while the other Champion, Jo, headed towards a nearby hut with an intact roof. The Beastmen remembered the delicacy of elven guts and headed towards the four elves who were defending the second floor of a nearby building. The Shaman, Grox Farsight, used his Wings of Darkness to dart ahead into the complete open.

The nimble elves climbed up top of the walls on the roofless building and spotted the advancing beastmen. The dwarfs down below also lined up the shaman in their sights. It was obvious that Grox Farsight had already seen this part of the battle previously and not one of the two arrows nor three bolts touched him.

Round 2
The Marauders half-heartedly moved forward while the Carnival advanced with determination. The performers could not avoid coming into view of the Marksmen. Two heroes (a Strongman and a Tainted One) fell in quick succession. The Champion, Jo, came to the dreadful realisation that the hut would be difficult to climb after losing his footing on his first attempt.

Grox Farsight flew up to charge one of the elves on the top of the two-story building. A second elf nearby charged in to assist his comrade. The three warriors danced upon the narrow wall trading blows. Grox's wings obviously gave him the ability to balance better than expected for a beastman.

The remaining beastmen and the dwarfs enter the building from opposite ends.

Round 3
The Marauders realised that they should not divide their forces and rush forward in support of the Carnival. Three warhounds of chaos advance towards Campion Jo and move into the open space to draw fire away from the other warriors. A single warhound is lost. Jo starts to get desperate but fails to climb up again.

Meanwhile, the beastmen finally engage the dwarfs in battle on the first floor of the elves' starting building. Two warhounds of chaos for the beastmen are quickly taken out of action. The shaman, Grox Farsight, takes out one of the elves before the elf, CĂșel, takes Grox out of  the battle.

Round 4
The Marauders and Carnival finally realise that victory lies with the monster and its loot rather than fighting the other warbands. (BN reads the scenario rules for victory out loud again and JF and LS realise that if they move quickly to defeat the monster then they might be able to win while the dwarfs, elves and beastmen are locked in battle. LS tells JF "I told you so".) They head to the opening of the monster's lair. A warhound of chaos charges the Champion, Bo, who is saved by a lucky charm. The last Strongman for the Carnival attempts to charge the Champion, Jo, but misjudges the distance and fails. Jo finally climbs to safety.

Unfortunately the Khornflakes voluntarily rout leaving the Reiklanders without an 'ally' (not that the beastmen were of much use as allies anyway). Kristof the Reiklander Captain counter charges the warhound of chaos attacking Bo. The Reiklander marksmen let off another deadly volley of bolts and scored a head shot to instantly kill Hannibal, the Carnival Master, while also taking the Freak out of action (the Marauders' Condemned hero).

Free of the beastmen, the dwarfs and the elves set their sights on the monster's lair. The three remaining elves climb down although on loses his footing and falls. He is only knocked down but one of the dwarfs comments to his fellow clansman that it was like "watching a leaf fall to the ground and hurt itself". Both warbands are unable to get close to the lair though.

Round 5
The monster charges forth into the Marauder Chieftain and is revealed as a young wyvern. The wyvern fails to injure the chieftain who was blessed by Nurgle after the previous battle and is now Toughness 6. The chieftain retaliates and gets a lucky master strike to wound the wyvern twice.

The appearance of the wyvern and the lost of  their Carnival Master is too much for the rest of the Carnival who routs. The Marauders realise that they only have a brief period of time before the dwarfs and elves approach the lair and calls out for an alliance with the Reiklanders which is greatly accepted. The remaining Marauders charge into the wyvern and one of the Marauder Champions also scores a master strike to take the wyvern out of action. The battle is won by the Marauders and the Reiklanders.

The alliance between the Marauders, Carnival and Reiklanders was surprisingly honoured and the young wyrven's hoard was shared. The forces of chaos must have been wary of the line of marksmen who had them in their crossbow sights. Three shards of wyrdstone was found and split evenly between the warbands. After that the Marauders were satisfied with a suit of Heavy Armour and the skull of the wyvern to put on the mantle in their cave or something. The Carnival scored a suit of Light Armour, a Sword and 30 gold crowns while the  Reiklanders found a Shield and 25 gold crowns. It appears that a sword that was also found was misplaced while the goods were being split up between the warbands.

During exploration the Marauders found a Fletcher (3 3 3) but the only item of worth was a bow which no one knew how to use. They also found another 4 shards of wyrdstone. The Carnival found a Straggler (4 4) which was sacrifice to initiate their new leader, one of the Strongmen. It is not yet sure whether the Strongman is talented enough to lead the Carnival and there are rumours that this may have been their final performance. They also found a Jewelled Sword and Dagger in an Overturned Card (5 5) and 4 shards of wyrdstone. The Reiklanders forgot that they had a map of Mordheim to help them and only found 2 gold crowns in a Ruined Hovel (6 6) along with 4 shards of wyrdstone. The Beastmen found 3 shards of wyrdstone and 1 gold crown and a Lucky Charm in a Shop (2 2). The dwarfs freed some Prisoners (3 3 3) and surprisingly one was a young dwarf who agreed to join the warband alongside another Beardling. The elves quickly melted back into the shadows and it is not known if they found anything of note.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Useful Websites for Mordheimers

The Mordheim community might not be as big as it once was. However there is still a small, active community spread around the globe. Here is a short list of my 'go to' websites for Mordheim.

Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum
This forum is the primary Mordheim forum out there. It was created by many of the participants from the old Specialist Games forum that used to be hosted by Games Workshop after it was shut down unexpectedly. It is an excellent location to discuss rules, find new material, read battle reports and share photos of painting and modelling.

Liber Malefic
This is the website for the gaming group who are creating the upcoming Mutiny in Marienburg suppliment to Mordheim. MiM is the largest, most ambitious fan-made expansion so far and has been many years in the making. The primary author, Stuart Cresswell (Werekin) has participated in previous fan-made material such as the Border Town Burning suppliment and the Nemesis Crown suppliment. Unfortunately the rules are not available in a central location so you will need to comb through the blog posts to find all of the material.

Border Town Burning
This is the website for the Border Town Burning suppliment created by Christian Templin (Cianty). This high quality material allows groups to run campaigns in the distant lands of Cathay. The material is compatible with Mordheim campaigns set in any other location though. The quality of the material is too high to be overlooked by any serious gaming group.

The Mordheimer Information Centre
The Mordheimer Information Centre (more commonly known as just the Mordheimer web site) is a key resource for much of the material that was released by Games Workshop. A highlight is the master scenario list which contains rules for hundreds of scenarios. The home page is messy these days with an embedded Mordheim web ring banner so I now access the site via the Table of Contents.

This web site is home to a collection of fan-made material by the once prolific post Dave Joria (Styrofoam King). The highlight of this web site is his Sartosa suppliment for playing a pirate themed Mordheim campaign.

Nemesis Crown
This web site contains the rules for the Nemesis Crown suppliment. Nemesis Crown was a global campaign run by Games Workshop for Warhammer Fantasy. A small group of fans led by Ian Davies including Stu Cresswell and Christian Templin created this Mordheim suppliment to allow Mordheim gamers to also participate within the global campaign.

Specialist Arms
The Specialist Arms website was an attempt by some fans close to Games Workshop to not lose the Mordheim community after the old Specialist Games forum was shut down. It hosts all of the Fanatic e-zine editions that were released by Games Workshop containing many fan-made Mordheim rules (and fan-made material for other Specialist Games such as Blood Bowl).

This is the web site for the original rules of the Khemri suppliment that was released in Town Cryer. Games Workshop made quite a few changes when they published Khemri in Town Cryer and not all were positive. This is a useful resource to have alongside the content from the Town Cryer.

Mordheim Revival Project
This is a website to keep an eye on. It has been created by Tom Bell (Brahm Tazoul) who used to be one of the Answer Mods for Mordheim and who released the Letters of the Damned e-zine for Mordheim. There is a promise that the Letters of the Damned may resume so hopefully the fresh, new material that is being promised will be released.

Mordheim Yahoo Group
This email group has existed since before the Mordheim box set was released. It is no longer active but is an archive of old material if you ever wanted to go searching. It also contains a lot of the PDF files that were released by Games Workshop from Town Cryer and Fanatic.

This is a selection that quickly came to mind when thinking of Mordheim material that is out there. If there is something that I have missed then please add a comment to let me know.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Returning to Mordheim

It has been a while but the lure of wyrdstone has attracted a fresh wave of explorers into the city of the damned. This year there are some new faces (LS, NG, AR and AS) joining the old crew (AA, JF, MD and BN). This campaign will be a training opportunity for the new recruits while allowing the rest of us to muck around  before things get serious. We will continue to use our house rules and will be playing in and around the city of Mordheim itself.

The first game was a large three-versus-three battle.

The forces of evil went up against the forces of good. The evil alliance was made up of NG (Beastmen Raiders), LS (Marauders of Chaos) and AA (Necrarch Undead) while the goodies were made up of MD (Shadow Elves), AR (Dwarf Treasure Hunters) and BN (Reiklander Mercenaries). The scenario was Treasure Hunt from the 'Chaos on the Streets' article found in the Mordheim Annual 2002 and was played on a  6' x 4' table.

Set Up
The good team managed to set up on the edges with the most wyrdstone. They also rolled to move first. This *should* have allowed them to start with some early momentum.

Round 1
The Marauders of Chaos set up last and had no wyrdstone nearby. Therefore the entire warband was put on the table within 12" (and direct line of site) of the entire Reiklander Mercenary warband. Without thinking the Reiklander Mercenaries with four Marksmen with crossbows stood firm but only succeeded in taking a single Warhound of Chaos out of action. In retaliation the Warhounds of Choas charged and dispatched the two Youngblood heroes. (The Reiklander Captain obviously had never encountered this warband before and did not realise that the warhounds were able to charge 14".)

The other warbands started fanning out to collect the loot.

Round 2
The Marksmen took out another Warhound of Chaos but two Marksmen were lost in the counter charge. The Necrarch vampire who had previously climbed to the top of a building to secure a shard of wyrdstone and was taken out of action by a Shadow Walker.

Round 3
The Reiklander Captain decided that losing four warriors was too much and called the retreat (failed rout test). The Abomination trundled out into the open towards the Dwarves.

Rounds 4, 5 and 6
The Dwarves charged into the Abomination which was a very bad idea. The Abomination made quick work of the Dwarves and successfully routed them (voluntary). Unfortunately the Necrarchs lost an Acolyte and also routed. Prior to their rout, the Centigor charged a Troll Slayer and was cut down.

Rounds 7, 8 and 9

The forces of chaos swarmed the Shadow Elves. The fleeing dwarves and humans last saw the five elves fighting valiently but the force of evil was too great empowered no doubt by the high concentration of wyrdstone in the area. Not one of the elves was ever seen again.


NG found found 8 shards. LS found found 4 shards. AA found 2 shards.The evil warbands chose to share the spoils of war evenly though (surprisingly) and so all three ended with 4 shards.

MD disbanded his Shadow Warriors after all five warriors were taken Out of Action and the Shadow Master died. The only other death was a Warhound of Chaos. Both Reiklander Youngblood heroes will miss their next battle (the wimps).

During exploration the Necrarch's found a Well (1 1) that looked interesting but an Acolyte only found poisoned water and will miss his next game. The Dwarfs found a Ruined Hovel (6 6). The Reiklanders found a vague Mordheim Map in an Overturned Cart (5 5) and also found a Ruined Hovel (6 6). The Marauders found a Straggler (4 4) and immediately sacrificed him to the dark gods. It is not known whether the Beastmen Raiders found anything of note.

The human sacrifice must have impressed one of the dark gods as the Marauder Chieftain received a mark of chaos. One of the Gors proved his worth by collecting wyrdstone and was promoted to be a hero.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A New Year and a New Games

Our BTB campaign unfortunately fizzled without any result. However, we have learnt some lessons about running campaigns that we will be able to apply in the future.

We have started our next Mordheim campaign now that 2012 is upon us. This time we have started with a simple, muck-around campaign without Campaign Points or any way of determining an overall winner. We are also focusing on using mainly the official rules together with our house rules and the content from Liber Malefic. We just want to play Mordheim!

The first game of the campaign was a muli-player Treasure Hunt scenario (from Chaos on the Streets / Town Cryer 5). JF decided to give Undead a try. BN played Osterlander Mercenaries and set up opposite to JF on the table. AF (in her first Mordheim campaign) played Skaven and had no choice but to set up on a table edge between JF and BN.

Round 1
The skaven moved first and began scurrying towards a three story building close to the centre of the table. Every warrior had a sling and they were eager to barricade themselves in safety. The undead moved to cover behind buildings and began skirting around behind the skaven. The mercenaries split up sending Brother Benedict (a Priest of Taal who started with the Earthshudder spell) and two henchmen towards the building that the skaven were fast approaching and the rest of the force (the heroes and the ogre) to try to gather wyrdstone.

Round 2
The skaven had reached the building in their second turn and used the ropes to get two warriors up to the top and one gained some wyrdstone. The undead inched closer to the skaven careful to stay in cover. A ghoul picked up a piece of wyrdstone. Brother Benedict and his two cousins also carefully moved closer to the skaven.

Round 3
The Eshin sorceror (with the Gnawdoom spell) and some verminkin moved out of the building in preparation to take on the undead while another pair darted out towards to shards of wyrdstone in the centre of the table. The vampire left the cover and safety of his warband and charged the exposed sorceror surprising the ratmen but failed to land any hits. The sorceror then proceeded to knock the vampire down. The rest of the undead moved towards the skaven as quick as they could (not very quick) while the mercenaries continued to move around the table (a henchman and the ogre both gained wyrdstone).

Round 4
Extra ratmen spewed forth from building and charged the vampire and a verminkin took it out of action while other skaven pelted the undead warriors with stones to little effect. The two skaven who were sent out to collect the wyrdstone were both successful. In retaliation for the demise of their leader, the ghouls charged the closest verminkin. Brother Benedict also broke out from cover and ran forward to successfully cast Earthshudder on the skaven's stronghold. After the dust settled, the only effect was that the skaven assassin adept had been knocked down while the other two skaven left in the building were unaffected.

Round 5
The destruction of the building gave the skaven free movement to charge all warriors forward. Brother Benedict was then charged by a black skaven who like the vampire was ineffective in close combat despite the priest not being combat oriented. The fray between the skaven and undead was also bloodly but at the expense of the skaven. The casulties for the ratmen were quickly mounting.

Round 6
The cowardly skaven ran away with their tails between their legs. This left the undead and the Osterlanders. The undead had the advantage that they were in a single group while the Osterlanders were split up. However, the mercenaries had the advantage that they were still at full strength while the undead had lost only a single warrior but the vampire is the backbone of any undead warband.

Round 7
The undead charged Brother Benedict and his two cousins who were both slain to protect the priest. The dregs also fired at but failed to hurt the mercenaries heroes and the ogre who were coming across the table as quickly as possible.

The undead had lost enough warriors that they turned and fled before the ogre could avenge the deaths of his kin. The undead finished with 1 shard of wyrdstone, the skaven with 2 shards and the mercenaries with 2 shards. A shard dropped by the skaven was unable to be collected by the undead or the Osterlanders before the end of the battle.

The undead had a ghoul die but the vampire fully recovered. A skaven Night Runner was killed and the Eshin Sorcorer was captured by the undead. The Osterlanders lost two henchmen kin. Taal deemed fit to grant protection to Brother Benedict from future close combat by granting him Tranquil Fauna (a Mark of Taal from the Liber Malefic article Miracle Workers).

Friday, December 3, 2010

Mountains of Mourning (Round Nine - B'trark Gorehorns (MD) verses the Hunters (HM))

"Mountains of Mourning"

B'trark Gorehorns / Beastmen Raiders with Mark of Onogal / Scion of Chaos verses the Hunters / Reiklander Mercenaries / Celestial Protectorate

Weather: Hail for 3 turns
Perilous Phenomena: Tempest, Thunder and lightning, Gale

Manhunt (Mountains of Mourne)

Tall stories of monstrous beasts roaming the lands had become the talk in the taverns and meeting places of the city. Merchants plying the western routes had claimed to have seen hulking outlines against the fading sun. Still others claimed to be survivors of attacks by these beasts. Usually the sightings were when light was dim, or when the weather was bad and identification was difficult, but the location was undisputed: a small mountain pass roughly five days journey west of the city.

Captain Ivan cursed the storm as he ushered his men forward. The noise made communication difficult, forcing them to use hand signals. He and his men had traveled five days in perfect weather, only to be beset by hail as they began to close in on their quarry. A hand-picked group, Ivan had led them in search of this beast of the tales, hoping to clear the route for future trade and travel. Ivan signaled his men to stop, as a dark mass loomed ahead – two mountain peaks separated by a wide pass. The men stood for a while surveying the scene searching for signs of their quarry, but were soon cursing the weather again as thunder boomed and echoed through the pass, and wind picked up in flurries and gusts, soon turning into a full-blown gale – perfect for sending their bolts and arrows off-course.

Bragor calmly surveyed the scene in front of him. He had led his raiding party out of the north hoping for richer pickings among the caravan trails of the Mountains of Mourne.
Following the caravan trails had so far proved fruitful. Morale was high after the recent victory over the magic-wielding Order, and his followers were eager to again douse their weapons in blood. A battle was soon in coming as a hulking shadow loomed on the trail ahead. Bragor spoke sharply to some of the more eager Gors as they began moving forward to meet the newcomer. With sullen looks they moved back and took up positions, awaiting the chance to send another creature into the waiting arms of Onogal.
Bragor laughed as the melee began. Sitatunga the fool had moved in front of his comrades, obviously eager to prove himself. Well he had soon learnt his lesson, being beaten to the ground and trampled by the beast. He ordered his followers forward into battle, and with a rumbling roar charged the monster himself. Markhor the shaman, forgoing use of his spells charged alongside, slicing open the creature’s sides with a flurry of well-aimed blows.
The massed charge and sharp steel quickly discouraged the creature, a strange mix of scales and ugly. Once, twice, three times they attacked, and each time the beast was driven back until it fled blindly into the swirling currents of a fast-flowing river.. Bragor watched amused as the hulking creature struggled to keep its footing, eventually being swept downstream, its bellows matched by the rough laugh of the gorehorns. Albrath the centigor gave a stamp, displeased at being unable to bury his blade into such a worthy foe. He hadn't managed to spill any blood since downing some measly hobgoblins, and his nostrils flared as he recalled his recent encounter with The Order where he was knocked to the ground by those annoying spells and crossbows – only blood was going to fix that dent in his pride.
Bragor’s laugh died in his throat as he turned to the centigor and saw him suddenly stagger and fall, a crossbow bolt quivering from his body. A hero amongst his followers and veteran of many battles, Albrath was fearsome as a foe and an inspirational figure leading a charge into battle. The sight of their hero felled by a cowardly bolt turned the gorehorns' amusement to anger in a flash, and they moved as one into the forest south of the pass, eager to take their revenge.

Ivan looked up sharply as a bellowing roar echoed through the pass ahead of them. Swiftly moving forward and taking cover at the entrance to the pass he spotted a massed melee taking place. He identified a Dragon Ogre, obviously the monster of the tales, engaged with what appeared to be a party of beastmen. Ivan had heard stories of these mutants – strange, human-like abominations twisted by the dark gods. Taking advantage of the distracted foes he ordered his crossbowmen to fire into the melee. Ivan smiled as he heard the bolts whistle overhead and the resultant cry as a bolt struck true.
Seeing the twisted horse go down Ivan looked around for the shooter and made his approval known. The marksman, Alan hurried over and tried to make himself heard over the gale that was now blowing. “They’ve headed round the mountain sir, must be tryin’ to come at us from the forest to the south”. Ivan nodded and quietly directed his marksmen, trying to set up a killing zone for when the beastmen left the cover of the forest.
A sudden clatter of rocks and a yell brought Ivan’s attention. Seeing one of his marksmen, Much laying face-down below a small ridge his first impulse was to berate the clumsy fool, thinking he had tripped and fallen. On seeing the man lying still he motioned Scarlet, another marksman to check on him. Scarlet moved over to the still figure, reached down and slapped the fallen man. Looking across at his leader he slowly shook his head. Cursing the loss of a man before the fight had even started Ivan moved off to check the defensive line.
Looking around to see all was set, Ivan noticed a hulking figure moving toward them through the mountain pass. Dragon Ogre! He yelled to Scarlet to move out of the way and called his remaining marksmen into line before reaching for his bow. Whether it was another Dragon Ogre, or the same one they had seen earlier, Ivan could not tell as he called for a volley. Multiple volleys of crossbow bolts and arrows struck the creature, doing nothing but angering it as it gave a bellow and charged at Scarlet, who was caught in the middle of the pass. Showing no sign of fear Scarlet raised his crossbow and loosed a bolt. Now truly enraged, the creature roared a challenge as it bore down on the puny human, its massive axe tearing through Scarlet’s hurried defense and leaving him crumpled on the side of the pass. With shields up, the Youngbloods set themselves to meet the beast, but the still charging Ogre sent them both sprawling back into the rubble beside the trail. Desperately hoping to save his young troops, Ivan led a charge toward the beast and with Mace at his side slashed the creature in its unprotected flank. Howling in pain, the beast broke off the combat and moved behind a ridge. Panting, Ivan let the beast go, they needed to regroup before the beastmen returned.

Lightning flashed overhead and the howling winds continued as the Gorehorns moved quickly through thick forest. After crossing the river Bragor decided to split the party, leaving Xebi to lead a group of Gors while he moved ahead with Markhor, Sitatunga and a single Gor to pressure the humans. While crossing a small clearing however Xebi was spotted by a filthy human, and promptly received a bolt through his leg, causing him to stumble and fall. Eager for battle the Gors moved on ahead, leaving him to stumble along as best he could.
Hearing the humans’ battle with the Dragon Ogre, Bragor moved his small group behind a ridge south of the humans’ position, waiting for his remaining forces to gather for a combined strike. Bragor watched as a pair of Gors, Xyro and Dalen, blundered out of the forest nearby, charging straight for a pair of humans carrying shields. A cry went up from the humans, and arrows whistled towards the them, all seeming to fly wide of the running Gors. Charging headlong into the fray, Xyro and Dalen tried in vain to get past the shields of the humans, but each stroke was blocked by the defenders. The archers charged to the assistance of the shield-bearers and Xyro and Dalen were quickly surrounded and cut down.
Regrouping, the archers moved away from the shield-bearers, and on catching sight of Bragor’s small party, loosed another ineffectual volley in their direction. Bragor sneered at their feeble weapons and ordered Sitatunga to engage them. “Your chance for glory son” he said to the Ungor, his contempt barley concealed. Sitatunga immediately charged the nearest archer, ignoring the drawn sword and plunging his goat-like head into the human’s stomach, knocking him to the ground. At that moment the remaining Gors, sneaking up behind another ridge, spied the shield-bearers partially concealed on the other side of the outcropping. Wasting no time they charged at the presented shields, backing the humans against the rock face. Bragor smiled, they had the humans right where he wanted them.

Ivan brought the bowstring to his ear and released another arrow at the hulking Bestigor behind the ridge (Markhor). He saw his arrow glace off the beast’s armor as it charged toward Mace, striking him down as he lay helpless from the runt’s charge. Looking around, he saw more beastmen moving toward them and despaired as the battle was lost. He called his men to retreat, the youngbloods breaking out from the beastmen surrounding them, killing a heavily armored Gor (Kudu) as they forced their way through. The beastmen did not seem set on following, their bloodlust slaked for the moment. Ivan watched his men move away through the forest, despondent at the loss of men and vowing to return. He took a last look at the battlefield, then to the sky. At least the weather had cleared…

Albrath woke with a sharp pain on his forehead. Blinking quickly to clear his bleary eyes he came to his feet and found himself in a cage. He tried to push against the door, his hooves biting deep into the soggy soil as he grunted with effort, but the door would not budge. Angered he cast about for a means of escape when he noticed a human stirring in the next cell. This measly piece of flesh and bone had better not have been the marksman who took him down, he thought to himself, his anger increasing at yet another embarrassment. Stewing in thoughts of revenge, Albrath noted a gathering forming in a circle nearby, with a heavy-set warrior dressed in ornate armor at its centre. Soon a guard came over to the cells, shaking the human fully awake before dragging him to the edge of the circle. Albrath watched with interest as they gave the human a mace and dagger, obviously the weapons he had been captured with. The buzz of the crowd quickly became a rowdy cacophony of shouts, jeers, and chants, as bets were quickly placed, ale was quickly consumed, people jostled each other for a better view and rotten food was thrown at the quivering human. The human, introduced to the crowd as Scarlet was then roughly pushed in to the circle, and was shown cold steel as he turned around to look for a way out.
Reluctantly, Scarlet moved to attack the still immobile warrior in his deep red chaos armour. His feeble strike was contemptuously brushed aside and the warrior’s heavy blade swept down on him, felling him where he stood. Kicking the still form the warrior returned to the centre of the ring, eager for his next opponent.

The guard now moved toward Albrath’s cage, and Albrath burst forth as soon as the door was opened. Sweeping up his weapons he charged the warrior of chaos, his anger and frustration released in the thrill of battle – this is what he was born for. Each strike glanced off the warrior’s heavy armor, each killing blow blocked by a well-timed parry. Albrath’s fury began to fade as the fight dragged on, the warriors circling each other, waiting for the other to make a mistake. The crowd, becoming caught up in the furious display, cheered when a blow was struck, baying for blood to be spilled. They roared as a repeated series of blows from Albrath's sword bit deep into the warrior’s heavy armor, bringing him down. Nostrils flaring, crowd braying, blood staining the sand, Albrath let out a roar of victory, bathing in the glory and leaving his defeats far behind him. Lifting his sword in victory, Albrath felt his blood begin to burn, as blessings of Onogal rained down on him in his glory. His muscular form then began to expand, as if all the ale he had consumed in the last week (and that was a lot) had been retained in his not flabby folds, and his tough skin became thicker and rougher. The guards were approaching warily, with intent to send the new champion back to his cage, but Albrath had tasted blood, had tasted glory, had tasted the blessings of his god and he was now near indestructible. The crowd's cheers soon became screams, as Albrath turned on anyone within reach. He was not as fast as he once was, but any wounds against him seemed to just bounce off his rubbery folds of flab. As the crowd began to thin, the villagers began to prepare an organised defense. Albrath, though he welcomed the challenge, felt the call of his god to return to Bragor and his brothers in blood.
Scarlet woke up to a sharp pecking at his shoulder, the sound of buzzing flies and the caws of crows, and the stench of loosened bowels. He quickly shooed away the hungry crow that was pecking at one of his wounds, but winced and groaned as he came close to blacking out again. Gingerly, he sat up and removed the body that was half-sprawled across him. Realising he had been stripped of his possessions except his bloody clothes, Scarlet crawled out of the ditch of bodies, knowing that he now faced the dangers of infection, starvation, and being alone and unarmed in a hostile environment. He had hope, however, and in the end, hope led him home.

The B'trark Gorehorns victory allowed them to find 4 treasures and received 3 campaign points.
The Hunters received 5 Treasures and received 1 campaign point.